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The backbone   Eight pillars Eight thinkings


1. The mind to create.       1. Oneself must be oneself and                        
                    moreover be a public person.
2. The heart of the ethics.                                                                                  
                   2. Society is formed by the variety of
3. Honor of the thoughtful      the person. Think of the ego and  
  and martial acts.         the dignity of the person and then
                   the public.
4. The immovable heart to love                  
  the beautiful country, Japan.  3. Be benevolent.
5. The conduct in every day     4. Think, and verify practice. Then, if
  which makes the beautiful     there is a place to improve, do it.
  country, Japan and the will
  to continue it.          5. The will to keep on is a force, form                     
                    what you are thinking, leave it.

6. Even if it obtains honor and   
  wealth, it doesn't damage a   6. Help the same will person.
  person and don't forget the    
  heart of the appreciating.    7. The great accomplishment should
                    be to resuscitate a person vividly
7. Be a Liberalist!           It says that it is a great accomplish-
                    ment, and to demand to deviate
8. Be a Developer of Society!     from the course of the person to
                    someone and require to die, it is
                    not a great accomplishment.
                  8. That it should accomplish must be
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 Japan Chiba Prefecture
 Narashino City Fujisaki
 Coroku Maeda