The messege to the people who build beautiful Japan.

Welcome to Colincan.


Welcome to Colincan.

One era of the Japanese ended, a new era began.
How we should live and build what kind of country in the world to make new Japan a beautiful and rich country.
We are individuals, Japanese and human beings of global who think of good to decide to do ourselves with emphasis place a greatest weight on the universal values that human beings have cultivated in the history of the world.
When we are conscious of this in society as individuals, Japanese and global human beings, we encounter with the question of what is public.

Is the public equal value to the public benefit? If so, does the public benefit of the Japanese and the public benefit of the American reach common thing? How about compare the public benefits of people in China and the world's countries?

What are the public benefits in the world?

Further thinking, does the public law establish in the world? Furthermore, what is justice?

Are there common justices that call sympathy of individuals and public benefit, Japanese and Americans, people of China, and the world, and let each person move each person to action?

Are justices empathies that relativate by each creed?
Is it ethics that human beings should protect?

Colincan send a message to people who think and build newly a beautiful country, Japan and Japan's backbone.

Thank you very much your reading.

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1. I'm writing about the source of the mind of the Japanese in an article saying "The story of Hinomaru" of my blog "Nichinichirou (Japanese version)" on May 21 2012.


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