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 Colincan (since2002)     

Coroku Maeda profile

February 1948, It is born in Hiroshima Prefecture. 

March 1970, it performs leaving school halfway of the Department of Education of Waseda University.

March 2002, it graduates from the Department of Economics of Keio University by the correspondence education courses.

It makes its living as a building and plant facility engineer.

It's thinking now to be making the effort for
The World of Liberalism and People, as a Thinker.

Works ;
"Marx Criticism, the concept of the individual and the kind at Marx. ―Its critical consideration."
(Japanese version) Japan, Kindai-Bungei-sya, July 2007.



 Japan Chiba Prefecture
 Narashino City Fujisaki
 Coroku Maeda