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The society which
makes beautiful Japan.

The society which makes beautiful Japan.

The rules

1. This society keeps up the Japanese Tennou System and the  
  national flag, Hinomaru.

2. The member inherits the mind of the samurai group which  
  is a tradition in Japan, and does rational consideration and  
  the action.

3. The member thinks of making the beautiful country and   
  Japan, and then acts.

4. The action of the member means work which the member  
  makes a calling every day.
Moreover, it contributes to    
  making the nation of the beautiful country and Japan    
  through the calling.

5. The member aims for the member's action to be       
  recognized to be in the higher rank status in the society in  
  Japan and the world.

6. The membership requirement has and satisfies will and an  
  action that say in article 3. It doesn't ask of the man and   
  woman and the roots of each person. But, have a Japanese  

7. The next person, who has not a Japanese nationality, is   
  recommended as the special recommendation member.

a. The person that conspicuous contribution and an effort are  
  admitted about making the beautiful country and Japan.

b. The person for whom it is possible to understand to share  
  in this society's mind together.

8. This society contributes to make the beautiful nation in the  
  various countries in the world.

  This society does to recommend establishing "the society   
  which makes beautiful nation" which is independent     
  respectively by the people in each country.
  This society cooperates with the people of all industry and  
  all the vocational fields which contain an official in the    
  state, the federation, the district and the state.

9. This society has the people of all the vocational fields    
  which contain all industry and officials and is formed.

10. The primary meaning and the purpose of this society
  continuation lie in member's making the nation that the   
  people in each country and in Japan can fulfill the safe,    
  cheerful and happy life as the calling and the work of the   
  self every day.

11. Our society sincerely wishes that each persons of Japan
  and each persons of the World, who let them exalt their
  open-minded motivation and sprit to live, lives lively,
  freely and vividly. And, we think we wish to nestle up to
  the minds of such people. And we hope to be together.
  And we think we want to encourage together them even   
  though our only having poor ability. And, our society     
  which has these wishes protects people from all evil sect   
  and group. That is, all evil sect and group perform daily   
  harm, religious harm, political violence and harm       
  repeatedly against the people that oppose all evil       
  sect and group, and they damage the will and the mind   
  that Japan and World people wish to live cheerfully, then   
  they drive people into the death finally. But our society
  promises that our society protect people from them.
                  January 21, 2012;Open
                      May 5th, 2013 ; Revision
         August 14, 2015 ; Article 11 addition 


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